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A big thank you to Ashly on the wonderful job capturing my family!! She made us feel very comfortable, and is excellent working with children! We are more than pleased with our photos, and would love to do another session with Ashly in the future! - Aerial W.







Ashly from Ashly Photography does more than just capture pictures, she captures memories! Ashly made  
   my whole family feel very comfortable and confident during the photo session and, as a result, the pictures we received were beautiful! Ashly does a great job providing positive feedback and support before, during, and after the session, making the whole experience wonderful. Whether it's perfect pictures for your wedding day or a fun family photo, I would highly recommend using Ashly Photography to capture your most precious moments in life. - Lindsy P.




After having Ashly take our engagement pictures, my fiance and I were so excited that she would be taking our wedding pictures too! When we got to see the pictures after the wedding we were not disappointed! They are beautiful and so special. Ashly was great throughout the whole day and worked super fast to get all the pictures we wanted without keeping our guests waiting. If we ever want another photo shoot in the future, we are definitely going to have Ashly do it for us! We are sure to be thrilled with the pictures!





Ashly is beyond talented and has been a blessing to both my husband and I. Ashly makes you feel comfortable and keeps your mind worry free on that special day. Her strength is in capturing the intimate moments between the bride and the groom. She is free spirited, yet remains professional when
photographing. When choosing Ashly Photography, you will remain satisfied. - E'tienne G





   Ashly does such a great job with her photos! She is so great with the kids and makes them feel comfortable! She also can capture some great moments when the kids are not being very cooperative! Our prints came out great! - Felicia S



 Ashly is one of the most amazing photographers in the area. Her passion for photography truly shows through in her work! She is not afraid to get down and dirty to get the perfect shot! Her personality can light up a room and make you feel so comfortable-- she makes it so easy to smile! I would recommend anyone and everyone to get their family pictures, wedding, engagement, senior portraits, or ANY photographs done by her!!!! She honestly made my wedding day PERFECT.. and I now have the PERFECT pictures to prove it!! When you can look through pictures and they make you tear up.. you know you chose the right photographer! She captured the most important and most memorable moments in my life and I could NEVER thank her enough!!! Thanks again Ashly.. You really are amazing. -Nicole V.





Normally, family pictures for the four of us are hard work. By the time we get our daughter to look at the camera, our son runs in the other direction. We try to get them to smile at the camera, and then all of a sudden one of them starts to cry. However, we had the wonderful blessing of having Ashly photograph our family recently at the beach. You would never know from looking at the amazing pictures she took that our two kids did not want to cooperate. Ashly didn't let how the kids acted to hinder her talent. She was so comfortable and worked so well with us and the kids and got some really amazing shots! She wasn't afraid to get "down and dirty" and ensure us of some wonderful photos. If you're looking for someone to be family friendly, very easy-going, and with wonderful talent, Ashly Photography is totally the way to go!





"My fiance and I had the privilege of having Ashly take our engagement pictures. I was a little nervous beforehand, but Ashly instantly put me at ease. She is so much fun to work with and has so many wonderful ideas! Our pictures are beautiful and they will always be a treasure to us. Ashly has a knack for capturing a couple's personality. I can't wait to have her shoot our wedding as well!"         - Abbey Guthrie

My husband and I are ever lucky to of have Ashly of our photographer for our special day. We have never gotten pictures done before and now we will never go to anyone else. The advice that i would give to couples is if you want no stress, relaxed and loving process with you're photographer Ashly Palmer is perfect. Thank you so much for giving us everything we want to remember from our wedding. --Keshia Rouse

"I have had the pleasure of having Ashly photograph many of my families special moments. From family photos last year for Father's Day to maternity shots before the birth of my third son to newborn pics when he arrived, she has captured each moment beautifully.
Ashly is not only professional, but so encouraging. You leave your session feeling special and beautiful! The photographs of my brand new baby boy are stunning and I will cherish them always.
Thank you, Ashly, for doing such great work. Our family will definitely use her services again, and would recommend her to anyone looking for a great local photographer."
--Kate Palmer

Senior year is a big moment in ones life! Ashly captured my daughter, Jessie's, personality 100%. She spent time getting to know her and it shows in the photos! I am so pleased with the selection I   received and will definitely be calling her for all my families photos!
--L. Woughter

When searching for a skilled photographer to capture priceless moments of your life and loved ones, I highly recommend Ashly Palmer. From the first moments of planning, to the final stages of receiving (with high anticipation) her exquisite photographs, Ashly goes above and beyond. I’ll be honest, I was a bit nervous about having her take pictures of my infant daughter, as infants can be very unpredictable! But from the moment Ashly began her work, my fears were put to rest with her sweet, flexible, and easy-going character. She is the rare individual that you feel like you’ve known your whole life, which allows you to feel comfortable and relaxed right from the start.
It is very clear that Ashly is incredibly gifted at capturing moments to treasure forever, and that she has a passion, incredible ease, talent, and love for photography. With great joy, my home is now filled with Ashly’s irreplaceable photographs of my precious daughter. Likewise, I was able to proudly share Ashly’s pictures with my family and friends, who value her work just as much as I do. Her photographs bring tears to my eyes and a smile to my face every time I look at them…truly a priceless gift! I am forever thankful for Ashly and recommend her without hesitation to capture your treasured moments as well! --Laura McGraw

My husband and I were married on August thirteenth and Ashly agreed to do our photos to capture our memories. We wrote back and forth a few times and I would give her different preferences that I wanted in my wedding pictures. I had looked at some of her photos and was confident she could pull off exactly what I wanted! When I finally met her in person she was so bubbly and flexible. She made sure to be there any time that I wanted a photo with someone at the wedding and she was very creative so that I didn't have to do anything but follow what she was telling us to do. When the wedding was over, and I got to see her beautiful work, I was so pleased! The pictures were even more beautiful then I expected and she made sure to get a variety of different types of setting and poses! All I have to do to remember any detail of the wedding is to
go over the pictures and they paint a perfect picture.
--Manda Cline

My husband and I were married in June, and we had the pleasure of having Ashly as our photographer at our wedding reception. When I saw the pictures afterward I was thrilled with the moments Ashly had been able to capture with her amazing talent for seeing what would make a terrific picture. I love how she caught the sparkle in our eyes as we laughed and had a great time. Like in the pictures of the cake cutting, and the more quiet contentment of our dances together. So when she told me she would like to do another shoot I was really excited! I absolutely love how she took my idea for having the shoot in a cemetary and made it work just the way I wanted it. She gave it the mysterious character I wanted while keeping it romantic and fun too. Like the pictures of us sitting on top of the tomb stone, and where my husband     is offering me a bouquet of fake flowers. I'm SO happy with the pictures! They will be sweet rememberances of our first months together as a married couple that will last a long time!

--Emily Guthrie

Ashly makes the modeling session a fun experience. She focuses on her subjects providing direction in a delightful manner. I can hardly wait for another opportunity. Clearly Ashly is a rising professional photographer.
--Nancy Brandston